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    Post  Teddy_ on Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:30 am

    L Y N N . C; ___sugar-rushrush;
    my name is lynn, and i'm 12 years old. i'm born on 11/01/1997, in the
    little red dot called Singapore. i am possibly the youngest fangirl you would
    ever meet,and i started liking korean-pop since last year January. 8D i'm a
    dancer, and i wish to learn popping someday. D: Popping is kewl, and i want
    to learn it so bad TT_TT. i've been dancing since i was 5, i'm doing ballet and
    modern dance now. i was also once in choir when i was 8, for 5 months,
    before quitting to join modern dance. i have acted a few times for school
    activities before too. really, i'm a normal kid. ToT

    i started photoshopping since last year, and i only have 1 year ++ of
    experience in it. even so, i have a graphic community in live journal,
    called miraclerush. and frankly, i'm proud of it! we're reaching 700 members!
    other than photoshopping, i also know how to play the organ. well, not the
    body part -- organ, but the musical instrument. wahahha. it's rather
    interesting, yet difficult at the same time. i hope to get my diploma in
    4 years time TT_TT organ is really hard to play though, ): i might
    quit playing it before i even get my diploma! but who knows, hwahah.

    this is becoming a very long 411 post.. ehh.. anyway, i love camwhoring too.
    ahhhah, guiltypleasure. my friends always tease me for camwhoring T_T but,
    what's the harm in camwhoring? D: i do it to pass time when i get bored by
    studying so much -o- and saying this, i love photography as well. i want to
    own a dslr of my own one day! T_T someonebuymeone!i love fire
    works alot, the colorful lights are so mesmerizing. *O* i love dark chocolate,
    ( hehehhe ) marshmallows, painting and drawing, (shading in b&w is fun) polaroids,
    candid photos, donuts, sashimi, green apple red tea! that's about it. i'm not
    particularly choosey with food, ...well maybe sometimes. xD

    okay...getting too long. .____. shall shorten it then. i hope to make friends!
    hahaha, okay, if you have any questions, ask away! and once again, i AM 12
    years old. really. i'm not lying @_@!


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    Re: BOOM!____________dead.♥

    Post  Mei~ on Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:27 am

    hahah loved every single word u wrote Very Happy
    Welcome to the dreamer world, girl =)

    (btw, you look soooooo pretty in the pic)

    Wait for my PMs, there are a lot of projects to come
    and I'd love it if you participate on them



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    Re: BOOM!____________dead.♥

    Post  selaluff on Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:23 am

    nice to meet you lynn. Very Happy
    i'd love to get to know you .

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    Re: BOOM!____________dead.♥

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