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    Hi, my name is Ka. What's yours?



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    Hi, my name is Ka. What's yours?

    Post  katythao on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:34 am

    Hi, hello, hola, Nyob zoo, Sawatdee Ka, there are so many ways to say hello in a lot of different languages. This probably the first time I'm actually taking my time to write about who I am online on a forum. I never really cared but since I have dream and this forum is dedicated to someone who has a dream, Alan. It's actually feels nice and it's a refreshing feeling. I'm 18 and a freshman at a community college in the states. I love it here but the coldness sometime is a kill. Some days it's so nice and others it's just weird. I want to do my best to help the earth feel better. I know it's weird but the earth is like us. We have to love it and take care of it so it will last at least for years to come. I don't wanna live on Mars yet. Sorry. I want to be remember for something I done in my life. Yes, we are dreamers, helpers, learners, parents, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers...I know you get it. So, what's so interesting about me. Well, I'm just trying to figure what i should do with my life. I'm the third oldest in my family. In my younger days, when I was still in middle school I did my homework, worked my butt off, and try to be a good daughter, student...but I realized it seem like i was not noticed. Even if I was; often I didn't see it. I never got an award for any subject in school. Well, i got the perfect attendant, honor student, and so on but never an trophy. I felted like wow so it didn't matter what I do; I will never be good in any subject. Years later, I realized that I'm going off my trail. The trail that I wanted to leave behind. So, what now? I'm trying to figure it out day by day, step by step, cause I wanna be successful in my life and show my parents that they don't need to worry; I'll be fine. Again, thanks for this opportunity.

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    Re: Hi, my name is Ka. What's yours?

    Post  Mei~ on Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:21 am

    Ka~ nice to meet you and welcome to Dreamer's circle!! your unique and best resource of randomness (?) XD well.. Razz

    enjoy your time here. Well, you see, the forum is not as active as we wish but... We're about to do some things to improve it and to make it 100% active very soon =)


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    Re: Hi, my name is Ka. What's yours?

    Post  Ashcast on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:31 am

    wow hello ka ^^ im ashley... Very Happy i hope you can find your own way soon ^^ and i know how its like to feel unrecognized but i know that its just an opportunity to better myself Very Happy i hope you can find where you want to be in life ^^

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    Re: Hi, my name is Ka. What's yours?

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