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    Im CRAZY________Hiiiii!



    Im CRAZY________Hiiiii!

    Post  Guest on Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:03 am

    My name is Ai-Linh
    Im Vietnamese o.O
    Im in middle school thats one thing that makes my life crazy.i am in love with Kpop i find it really interesting so i been told im the most Korean non Korean my friends have ever met(does that make sense idk im crazy)
    I can play the flute viola violin guitar this asian...thingy and percussion instruments(drums and bells and yes girls can play that!) im practicing singing in Korean...but i been practicing so much i lost my voice Sad

    I really want to audition for JYP Entertainment but im really scared but its ok im young i have many years left Very Happy (i use wayyy too many smileys) i want to make videos on Youtube like Alan but like ugh....still shaky about that...OMG! i forgot i have school tomorrow!

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