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    Hi to all dreamers :3


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    Hi to all dreamers :3

    Post  Hiiyuki on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:42 am

    Hey guys~
    Hiiyuki here :3
    My real name is Mai and I'm vietnamese living in Germany.
    I've been a dreamer for...uhm I think since January. I think.
    I've watched Alan's duett with Gain's I'm smiling and totally fell in love with his voice *-*
    Ihope this forum gets more and more livier and alot of dreamers(I love the name~)
    will support Alan.

    I of course also love music. I can play the keyboard adn have been self-teaching bass and accoustic guitar for a bit more than half a year? But I'm still such a n00b with it. But I keep practising, because it's so fun~ >w<
    I also love to draw (both traditional and digital). Esp Manga. But I've been into realistic people recently, cause I want to draw my idols so badly. >o<
    There are also K/JDramas I love to watch like BOF, YRB, Shining INheritance, One Litre Of Tears,...
    Haha Ok that's for now.

    Let's continue supporting Alan!! Smile


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    Re: Hi to all dreamers :3

    Post  Ashcast on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:06 am

    hi mai!!! oh yesh, i loved that duet with ga in too!!! *proud that she downloaded it* xDDD ahahah, wow, you can play guitar?? :O i wish i could TT^TT ooh, and my best friend was from germany ^^ anyway, im ashley Very Happy nice to meet you ^^

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