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    Artist Wanted!! Help!!



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    Artist Wanted!! Help!!

    Post  l0ve0fevil on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:20 am

    Hey guys, im wanting something personal of mine recreated. Im not artistic at all and dont know exactly who to speak to about this, so i created an account on here. I'm wanting a memory of mine recreated to be framed, heres what im looking for, im just copy pasting my craigslist post.

    Im nothing fancy, I'm not a business or anything like this, I'm just your average guy who wants to do something nice for the woman hes in love with. Im wanting to recreate a memory from my relationship to have in a frame forever. To give you a visual of what im wanting done, the memory is this, my love is in her car (a VW rabbit), while I am on my motorcycle (crotchrocket, Triumph Daytona 675), we're traveling side by side in a 4 lane feeder road when we come up to a red light, theres a lane to the left of us that is open and a lane to her right that is open, so we're in the two middle lanes and we're turning left. The traffic is thick and we're surruonded by cars in front of us and to our sides, im not wearing my helmet and her window is rolled down. While coming to the redlight i stop next to her driverside window just close enough so that I have to lean my bike slightly at an angle, and she has to reach out of her driverside window, and we kiss for a good couple of seconds with all the traffic and cars around us watching. We called this "our kiss", and its one of my most cherished memories. Im not real artistic so i dont know what you would call this type of drawing, or sketch, whatever you would call it, but im wanting to recreate this memory and to be able to frame it to have forever. If anyone can help me with this, or know someone who can help me with this, it would be much appreciated, obviously I will be paying for it. Let me know.

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