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    [Fanfic] DBSK APT **one shot**

    ~Xiah Love~

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    [Fanfic] DBSK APT **one shot**

    Post  ~Xiah Love~ on Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:49 pm

    Hi ^^ this is the first DBSK fic i've written **but not my first fic in general** so i hope you guys like it ^^


    Late friday night DBSK arrives home to their apartment, "Ah~ I'm so tired" they all say. Going into the living room and settling down onto the couch or floor, they all sigh and relax. "At least we have the weekend off," Changmin says after a few minutes being the positive thinker he is. The others agree and smile remembering they get to relax at home for a few days. "Hey, as tired as I am, I don't want to sleep yet," Yoochun says breaking the silence. "Yea, me neither. Let's do something" Yunho adds while looking at everyone. "Like what?" Junsu replies with a smile, anticipating whatever they'd be doing. "Video games!" Changmin shouts jumping up and down excitedly. Everyone stares at him before Jaejoong says "No, we do that too much anyway." Frowning, he sits back down to think of something else when Yunho says "How about renting a movie?" Everyone agrees immediately, even Changmin who's back to smiling. "Ok then, so what should we get?" Yunho asks looking at everyone for their answer. The room remains silent for a few minutes before Jaejoong speaks up and says "A Millionaire's First Love..?" They all turn their heads to look at him, "What?" Jae says then 4 pillows fly towrds his head followed by a chorus of no's. "You're such a girl Jae hyung" Junsu says rolling his eyes. Jaejoong glares at him then says "Fine, then think of something else." A few more minutes pass and no one says anything, "Well....my friend rented a movie a few days ago and said it was really good." Changmin says looking around. "Oh? what's it about?" Yunho asks as everyone else turns towards Changmin waiting for the answer. "I'm not really sure, but he said we'd all definitely like it." "Hm, well then whats it called?" "APT or Apartment." Everyone thinks for a minute then Yunho continues, "I've never heard of it but if you're friend says we'll like it lets watch it." With that decided they moved onto assigning tasks to everyone for the movie night they were about to have. With a game of rock,paper,scissors the results were: Changmin gets the movie, Jaejoong makes the popcorn, Junsu gets the drinks, and Yoochun and Yunho set up the living room. As Jaejoong and Junsu head to the kitchen, and Yoochun and Yunho head to their rooms for pillows and blankets, Changmin grabs his hat, jacket and sunglasses from the closet by the door and heads to the movie store.

    Waiting for the elevator, Changmin turns on his ipod and thinks to himself 'At least the store is just around the corner, now I don't have to walk very far ^^.' As soon as it arrives he steps on and rides it down to the ground floor, then walks outside and turns to the left. Even though he has a hat and sunglasses on he keeps his head low to not attract attention. A few minutes later he arrives at the movie store and goes in to look for the movie. After walking down a few aisles he can't find it, so he hesitantly goes to the front counter to ask the store clerk for help. "Um, excuse me" he says keeping his head down and trying to disguise his voice. "Yes sir, how may I help you?" the girl behind the counter says with a smile. 'Oh god, if she figures out who I am I'm screwed' he thinks then says "I'm looking for the movie APT, but I can't seem to find it." She nods her head, "I see, well let me go look in the back. It may have been returned recently and not been put back out yet." "Ok, I'll wait here. Thanks" he says and she walks off to the back of the store. 5 minutes pass and she hasn't returned yet, 'What's taking so long? are there that many movies back there?' he thinks to himself looking towards the door she disappered into. Just then a group of teenage girls walk in, "Ah~ that was so much fun earlier. I can't believe we got to be so close to the stage this time, it was great." "Yea, did you see how hot Changmin was tonight? I wanna marry him" their conversaton carried on as they passed him and went to look through the aisles. 'Shit, if they notice me I'm dead. I should leave...but if i leave without the movie then everyone might kill me for coming back empty handed oO. I'll wait a little longer I guess, mabye they won't notice.' he thinks as he turns away from the girls and stares out the window. Finally the store clerk comes back, "sorry it took so long, my boss had me organize all the movies that were returned" she said as she walked to the register. "It's fine, did you find it?" "Ah yes, here you go. That'll be $7.50" As he pulls his wallet out to get the money he hears one of the girls whispering to her friend "Hey, is that Changmin?" 'ah shit, I gotta run!' He quickly pulls out some money and hands it to the girl, "Thanks, you can keep whats left" and he quickly exits the store, hoping he won't be chased by that group of girls on his way home.[center]

    [center]Entering the kitchen, Jaejoong walked towards the cabinet to look for the popcorn while Junsu headed to the fridge to get the drinks. "Hm...Junsu, do you remember where you put the popcorn?" Jaejoong asked shifting boxes around in the cabinets. "Me? why would I know? I wasn't the last one to get it" Junsu replied, still staring into the fridge. Jaejoong stopped what he was doing and turned towards him, "you're a horrible liar Junsu. we all know you were the last one to get it." "No I wasn't" "Yes you were" "No I wasn't!" Junsu said forcefully as he stomped over to a different cabinet, opened it and grabbed the popcorn. Throwing it at Jaejoong he said "I told you, you're the only one who puts it away in the wrong cabinet." Jaejoong looked at the popcorn then back at Junsu, "oh....>.>" he opened the box and put a bag into the microwave then turned it on. Junsu had 5 sodas on the table by the time Jaejoong had 5 big bowls of popcorn ready. Junsu tried to sneak a bite and recieved a slap on the hand from Jaejoong, "not yet, it's for the movie remember" Jaejoong told him. Sighing they picked up the popcorn and drinks then headed for the living room where they heard strange singing and laughing. Looking at each other they shrugged their shoulders and continued into the room to find Yunho and Yoochun singing and dancing away on the furniture. They put the food and drinks down and just stared at the other 2 looking like they were complete idiots. When they finally stopped they noticed they had an audience and jumped up rather quickly to put the living room back together. Junsu and Jaejoong finally laughed, nearly falling over in the process. When everyone was done laughing they all grabbed their popcorn bowl and drink then found their places to sit down. "I wonder what's taking Changmin so long..." Yunho finally said. And just as he finished his sentence they heard the front door open and a few seconds later Changmin joined them in the living room. "Ok hyungs, are we all ready?" he said placing the movie into the dvd player and grabbing his popcorn and drink before sitting down. "Yea, we're all set" Jaejoong said as he turned off the lights, grabbed the remote and pressed play.

    ~~One hour and 27 minutes later~~

    "Ah!!" Junsu screamed again for the thousanth time during the movie, causing Changmin and Jaejoong to scream too. "Damnit Junsu, nothing scary even happened just now" Jaejoong whispered annoyed. As the movie was nearing the end, with only 5 minutes to go the power suddenly went out. This time they all screamed and clung to the nearest person, shutting their eyes tight even though they couldn't see anything in the dark anyway. "Omg this is so not cool!" "We're gonna die!" "Quick find a flashlight!" "I'm not moving, what if she grabs me?!" "We're gonna die!" "OMG what was that?!!" "That better be your hand and not a ghost's" "Would someone get a flashlight already?!" "We're gonna die!" After 10 minutes of darkness the power came back on and Yoochun quickly turned on the lights. Looking back he saw Jaejoong clingling to Changmin's shoulders, who had practically jumped onto Junsu, who was grabbing Yunho's leg, who was hugging Jaejoong's chest crying like a baby. Stifling a laugh he pulled out his phone and quickly took a picture before they all moved, "Priceless" he said putting his phone away. Hearing the click of the camera everyone slowly opened their eyes, then realizing their positions jumped away from each other. "Wow, you guys were really scared cause of that huh?" Yoochun said laughing while the others just glared at him. Then Jaejoong got an idea and signaled the others to follow him, he turned back towards Yoochun and pretended to look past him into the still dark kitchen. Putting his best terrified expression on his face he shakily held up his arm to point towards the kitchen. "Yoo....Yoo...Yoochun!" The others followed his hand and gasped, grabbing onto each other again and pointing like Jaejoong. "Oh come on, like I'll fall for that one." Yoochun said rolling his eyes, but still not moving. "No, really Yoochun....she's...she's behind you..." Yunho added looking really scared. Yoochun started to worry, their leader is rarely scared and right now he really looks scared. Whispering with a trembling voice he says quickly, "What do i do?!" Junsu says "Turn around and she'll leave" Yoochun looks at him hesitantly but slowly starts turning. As he's almost turned enough to see what's behind him, Jaejoong walks to him quietly and yells "BOO!" into his ear. "AH!!!!!" Yoochun screams like a girl and runs into the living room and dives behind the couch. Everyone else falls over laughing at him and he realizes they were faking it to begin with, just to scare him. When everyone finally calmed down and Yoochun was pouting, Yunho looks towards Changmin and says "We're never watching a movie your friend suggests again"

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    Re: [Fanfic] DBSK APT **one shot**

    Post  Fallingdown on Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:04 pm

    Haha I like it.
    If Changmin ever was in a movie store, I probably wouldn't notice him. Even if he wasn't in disguise, unless he had a bunch of fangirls going after him.
    Lol, I love the part at the end where they're all scared.
    Great job^^

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