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"The purpose of this forum is to bring people from all over the world together to see Alan progress and grow as an individual and as a singer."
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    ~[Sharing RULE]~

    Alan JW N.

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    ~[Sharing RULE]~

    Post  Alan JW N. on Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:50 am

    Well these are just basic rules for the ~[Imagination]~ Forum. Nothing too detailed because basically there was just a picture sizing limit ^_^.

    Your creations - Remember that it's strictly to share your creations in the forum or links to them. Some users have made great examples of this. There should be NO ADVERTISEMENT for SALE of ANYTHING. You are not to make public what you're selling or that you're a seller of any kind of item, in the section or anywhere in the entire forum! Please keep this OFF this webpage and onto instant messages or so ^_^ Thank you! (Just a precaution~)

    My photos - Just remember, if you guys use photos of me, taken by Julia W. (bubydub), to edit for anything, please still credit her by putting "bubydub.deviantart.com" in a corner of the picture ^_^. She has academic uses for these shots that are for her portfolios in the future and it'd be no help if they're spread all over the place and/or people make profit out of them >.<.
    Exceptions include avatars; or banners that lead directly to my Facebook Fanpage.

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