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    H E Y Z E R S ! ! !


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    H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  gogogelo on Fri May 01, 2009 1:42 am

    Name: Angelo James Visitacion
    Nick Name: Angelo, AJ, Gelo/Jelo
    BDAY: May 4th 1992 (THATS IN 4DAYS YEE-UH!)
    Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines
    Current Location: Calgary, AB, Canada (since 1993)
    Ethnicity: 100% Filipino
    Languages: Tagalog, English, a bit of Japanese and a few Korean phrases lol
    Instruments: Keyboard, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Tuba (not rlly anymore)
    Dreams?: to be famous in the Philippines LOL

    Musical Intersts
    I'm probaby the BIGGEST (not physically speaking) Kara fan you will ever meet. they're the only group in which i've collected everything >.<. LoL my favorite is Park Gyuri. I've been a fan ever since before they debuted
    My Biggest Musical Influences: Lena Park, Chris Cayzer, Tim Hwang Young Min
    When it comes to english music, i love UK music much more than american flavors but theyre both rlly good. I'm fan of a lot of other korean/jpop singers/groups that would take the length of a royal decree to write about.
    KPOP: Kara, Fin.K.L, Brian & Fly to the Sky, Lena Park, Ayumi & Sugar, The Grace, 2AM & 2PM, Super Junior, BoA, Jewelry, SWI.T, MILK,SES
    JPOP: HINOI Team, Asuka Hinoi, Morning/Coconuts Musume, V-U-DEN, Utada
    CPOP: Jane Zhang, F4
    OPM(filipino): Chris Cayzer, Nina, Kyla, Kim Chiu, Sandara Park, Mikey Bustos
    ENGLISH: The Saturdays, Leona Lewis, Westlif, LIGHTS, Varsity Fanclub, Michael Buble, Rachel Stevens & SCLUB7

    City in Colors
    I've been a fan of alan ever since January of this year. The first song i heard was doushite kimi no sukiaeafj;af aefa however you spell it XD. i noticed his voice sounded similar to jaejoong and it was REALLY good. i didnt rlly start listnng to his other tracks til recently and theyre rlly impressive =) he has my support =)

    - God is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me
    - Joining YFC was the best choice i've ever made
    - I'm left handed
    - I have the LOWEST self confidence/esteem you'll ever see
    - I've sat, fell, slept, lied, stepped on my glasses and they survived 2 years XD
    - I think i'm a pretty okay chef. i can't make anything fancy but i think the food i cook is good =)
    - random fact: in grade 9, i joined sewing class in school just so i could talk with the girl i had a crush on back then XD.
    - A Great moment in my life: was when me and my friends made a band for the farewell mass of my grade9 class. It was CRAZY. I was on piano, someone was on the drums, 2 guitarists and a bunch of singers. It was an experience i'll never ever forget
    - Love seems to be an "A, double snakes" to me these days
    - The First Kpop song/singer i ever heard was NO.1 by BoA
    - I never rlly listened to kpop regularly until the beginning of 2006 when I got hooked on Sea of Love by Fly to the Sky
    - My love for asn music usually switches between jpop and kpop, but its been with kpop for a LONG while right now
    - When I was little, I wanted to be one of those people that dug up dinosaurs/fossils
    - when i was little, I was a HUGE dinosaur freak
    - the first Korean movie i ever watched was The Classic and it's still my favorite one to date
    - I love Musicals and Documentaries
    - My top 4 favorite movies are (in no order): The Classic, Battle Royale, A Chorus Line and Sister Act I (the 2nd one wasnt that great)
    - I LOVE 90s TV. I've finished collecting Saved by the New Bell and Full House. I'm currently collecting all the seasons of Beverly Hills 90210.
    - I don't really watch anime. However, I am a HUGE Yu-Gi-Oh! fan!
    - I've been singing since I was 6
    - I was in my Church's Children's choir. I was also the choir's longest lasting original member with a tenure of 5years lol
    - I was/am part of my High School's Choir. I'm not in it this semester but i still am a member?
    - I've writen and composed like 3 or 4 songs and honestly, i'm only proud of 1 of them LOL
    - Bubbletea + Pocky, Bubblemania<3
    - i'm trying to get more in touch with filipino movies. i've only seen a few... the ones with Sandara Park in them LOL
    - I'm not gonna lie, I love The Cheetah Girls 2 movie and i own it on dvd XD
    - I love hayao miyazaki
    - I love the suite life of zack and cody. the new one just isnt the same anymore
    - I'm an AP student... but i think it was a bad decision. There are so many smart kids in those classes
    - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MATH if i don't achieve my goals of singing in the Philippines, i'd love to be an accountant
    - Dancing is one of those fun passtime activities. I've joined 2 competitions with my friends and won 1 of them =). We competed against other dance teams around Canada once and even though we lost, it was a really awesome experience. I don't have my own style or what not, I just enjoy doing my friend's choreography and trying to add my own self in it (if that makes sense)


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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  Fallingdown on Fri May 01, 2009 4:20 am

    Welcome to the forum^^
    A Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, that's awesome*thumbs up*
    You must really love to sing. I'd like to here your songs sometime.

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  Sylver3lade on Fri May 01, 2009 4:34 am

    wow singing since you were six? Nice =) You must sing pretty well. You play a lot of instruments O.o.

    Disney channel ftw? XD

    I'm sylver btw, nice to meet you ^^

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  Mei~ on Fri May 01, 2009 5:33 am

    im left handed too *high five*

    waait.. how come low confidence? come on <.<

    kisses and welcome~
    have a great time.

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  painne on Fri May 01, 2009 8:41 pm

    OMG. a very long long long intro. HEHE. Very Happy

    Hello~ Oh well, I must greet you a


    LOL @ "to be famous in d Philippines".. you serious or what?! HAHA! you're too talented! you should dream of becoming big in america or korea. bwahahaha~! Very Happy

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  ChiwaxChan on Mon May 04, 2009 8:28 pm

    :D Nice to meet you~
    You did write a lot :O
    Yeah! Pocky and Bubbletea FTW!
    Oh and happy birthday :D
    Hope you're having a good day~

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  Fallingdown on Mon May 04, 2009 11:50 pm

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day was extra special^^

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

    Post  `StaR' on Mon May 04, 2009 11:53 pm

    Heyy :]! Happy birthday there^.^
    Best wishes (: Hwating!^^ lols
    Have a nice day oppa!

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    Re: H E Y Z E R S ! ! !

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