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    What's your Dream?


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    What's your Dream?

    Post  brightstars90 on Sat May 09, 2009 6:01 pm

    Since this is Dreamers' Circle, I thought we should share what our dreams are.

    So what is your dream? Dream job or dream place or dream anything. : )

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Mei~ on Sat May 09, 2009 8:48 pm

    My dream's to meet all my dreamer girls someday D:

    FOR REAL!!! i luv ya all!

    Well... another dream is... to be happy in all areas Smile not just in one, but be completely happy. It's not impossible Smile.

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Fallingdown on Sat May 09, 2009 9:14 pm

    I dream that one day I'll finally gain true freedom. I'll be as free as my imagination and'll be able to soar and do as I please. Won't be tied down with the ropes and chains of responsibilities. Won't have to worry that things might not go the way I hope. To be able to be at peace with myself and all others. That's my dream, it may not come true, but that can't stop me from dreaming.

    I haven't quite figured out what my dream job is just yet. But I'm hoping it'll be something that I take pleasure in doing, such as writing and the arts.

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  `StaR' on Sun May 10, 2009 7:17 pm

    Ah.. I think I have to many dreams o.o
    But.. I'll say my dream is to join SM and debut in Korea^^;
    and earn money to support my parents in the future (:
    because I don't know what to do in life besides sing T_T

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Cieru on Tue May 12, 2009 3:57 am

    I also want to be part of the entertainment industry, but not being in the spotlight.
    I want to work backstage, you know, hair stylist, make up artist, etc.

    If not, then I want to stick with design.

    My relatives are telling me to get into architecture and move to Japan (Because they accept all designs there, no wonder it's such a wacky place huh?) or go into the commercial industry - o -

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  geri. on Sat May 16, 2009 9:57 am

    i wanna fly.
    like literally.
    i think its just that sense of freedom and not having to worry when you're truly happy.
    has anyone been on a flying fox or giant swing?
    it that sort of feeling where you let go the weight of the world and knowing that nothing can go wrong.
    or maybe it was just the adrenaline flowing in me . ahahaha.
    either way i just want to live life as simple, happy yet as full as possible. (:
    of course there are all my pipe dreams and impossible wishlist. its what a girl has to do . dream (;
    but i hope all your dreams do come true~!
    never let go .
    nothing is impossible .

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  ChiwaxChan on Sun May 17, 2009 3:36 am

    Too much dreams... :D But one of my dreams is to be with all of you guys during a concert of Alan [yeah, cuz he will be a super singer in the future, right :D?], to meet all of my net friends :D and to travel around the world, to have a 1000 views on YT [joke xD] and also have a meeting with you guys, with all the dreamers of the whole world. I hope the first and last one come true because I love you guys <3

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  DisturbinglyKawaii on Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:43 pm

    One day i'll go to Korea and debut

    That is my dream.
    That is why i admire Jaewon so much...
    He is here...Reaching for his dream.

    I have decided to debut properly on youtube next year...
    That's when i will reach for my dream...
    Right now i'm concerntrating on improving my vocals and dancing...
    And of course learning Korean...
    It's sort of a mini task i set myself.

    ...That is the first time is have ever told anyone my dream...how lame haha~


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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  __LOVELY on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:19 am

    study in Korea,or wherever. XD then after graduate,i want to find a good job and help my parents financially. <3
    they have done so much things to me.i don't think i can even pay back. Crying or Very sad

    and also,a dream that will just be a dream (LOL!).for me to debut as a singer in Korea.HAHAHA Laughing

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Reira on Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:28 am

    My dream is to become a SM singer, & also to go to Korea one day and possibly live there. Also i want to Travel around the world and visit all the places ive been wanting to my whole life. & i hope that my mom stays healthy and lives a happy life & praying for her to live for more than half of my life ^^

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  elena on Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:29 pm

    my dreams is go to asia and to be a singer^^

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  dingdong1219 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:05 am

    My dream is to become a doctor, then go to Vietnam to build an orphanage and work in Vietnam as a volunteer doctor.

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  DisturbinglyKawaii on Wed Aug 12, 2009 4:48 pm

    That's really admirable

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  jhastine on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:32 pm



    to be rich
    to have my fav. car
    to have our own house
    to have our own businness


    And be part of SM or JYP entertainment
    hehehhe>.. thats ALL!!!

    DBSK!! " one of my favorite...
    and also ALAN has the same voice with junsu and jaejoong... that's why i like them more... than before..



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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  MEX9 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:22 am

    Haha, well my dream is kinda weird but
    i dream to have a bestfriend, i know it sounds
    weird but, yah i want a real bestfriend, someone i can hang with all day long
    dont get me wrong, i have friends trust me i know alot of people in my school.
    yahh, i just want a bestfriend i never really felt i had a bestfriend yet.
    except for that one time i was a kid.

    Haha, moving on. my dream is to work somewhere in the
    entertainment biz. or the fashion biz, something that i can
    do. my dream is also to travel to the places i want to go
    like Korea, Japan, Paris<3

    Just wanting to share my dreams x3


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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  katythao on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:16 am

    My dream is to be whatever makes me happy. I want to try to be a singer, entertainer, social worker, writer, newspaper editor, lyricist, comedian, beauty/makeup expert, a model, and more. There's so many things I want to try or at least experience it once to get the feelings of that person in that position. Wow, I would write more but that would be taking up spaces. Thanks, for this opportunity. Very Happy


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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  heroarisa on Tue May 25, 2010 11:09 am

    Well, my dream is to became a sm entertainment artist but its a little difficult,
    i am really amazing how alan can learn korean and learn to sing like that all by himself
    i really wish i can do that.

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  meiwai on Tue May 25, 2010 7:38 pm

    um... i have many dreams Smile
    one of them is to be a singer in SM and debut in korea Razz (like someone i read at the beggining Very Happy)
    another one is to be free from my mothers decisions. You know, i'm in puberty right now, and i think i have to be more free ^^
    another one is to go to Korea and China... i could go on and on XDD
    Mi Sunye

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Mi Sunye on Wed May 26, 2010 11:07 am

    I have some goals in life, and I have dreams too.
    I want to have my high school scientific graduation, so that I could do whatever I want from now on.
    This in my pocket, I want to enter Paris Superior Journalism School.
    Otherwise, I want to live in Seoul later. No matter what, I think I'll really go to S.Korea someday, and share my life between Seoul and Paris.
    I'd like to make a big road trip around Asia ^^ I want to see Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and others then.
    I want to earn enough money to be sure my mum won't ever have problems.
    I want my brother to achieve his musical dreams because I trust him.
    I want to have a nice Asian husband and have beautiful mixed children with him (a girl and a boy).
    I want to be known as a great Journalist. For that, I need to achieve my OIB International Section in English.
    After I master English, I need to be fluent in Korean. Korean language came off as pretty easy when you love to practice it.

    So... Haha I'm asking for a lot, I know. But I can do this ! FIGHTING ! People please realize your dreams.

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  whatismyname on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:07 am

    I have many dreams, actually.
    The most realistic one would have to be to get into medical school. It is both my dream and my parents' dreams so that's like killing two birds with a single stone Smile
    After that, I just want to use the money I earn as well as my trained skills to help others.

    Very Happy

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Hiiyuki on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:42 am

    After I read the question it's always "meeting my Kpop idols!" which pops up in my head first....
    But my dream for life is, to be successful in life. Which means to me,
    that I'll be happy and satisfied with my situation.
    Maybe I won't be rich or get a job that I really wanted to do, but as long as I'm happy it's ok to me ^^


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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  STEPHYeatsYuLikeNOM on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:02 pm

    My dream.. .hmmmmmmmmm.. .
    Honestly, I've yet to really commit to a dream >_<. As sad as that may sound, the future is not something I have deeply thought about because I have been so caught up in my past. So, hmmmmmmm.. .well, I guess you could say that my dream is not exactly to succeed or find happiness, but rather really help people. I want to impact those I may come across everyday, or even just once in a lifetime. It really can be just as simple as making them smile (especially until their cheeks hurt ^__^) or laugh their sorrows, stress, or whatever it may be away. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to be in the future, and when I reply that a major possibility is to be an Occupational Therapist, they seem disappointed. I want to help these people reach a place that no one, even they themselves, do not believe they can reach. Even the smallest step could be the greatest achievement. I want to be the one by their side when they reach that place to see that look on their face once they get there;

    It may not be the most extravagant dream, nor may it even sound like a dream, but were that day to come, I would definitely feel fulfilled (:


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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Ashcast on Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:51 am

    hmm,my dream??? i know it might sound generic but i really wanted to work under sm ent. *sigh* but thats a long shot..... well another dream i have that i always wish for is to find my true love *gets shot* yeah i know its chessy but well yeah, its what ive always wanted ^^

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  Rice on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:09 pm

    It seems like most people here are aiming towards becoming a singer. o_o
    My dream is to become a famous actress in Korea.
    That sounds a bit odd, i suppose. But I've always wanted to have an adventurous life. And I feel like with this, there would be multiple adventures awaiting. It's just something that I've really wanted to do for as long as I could remember. Han Hyo Joo really inspired me to want to do that, too. Haha... >_>"

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    Re: What's your Dream?

    Post  cocomal on Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:06 pm

    my dream huh?
    my dream is quite impossible~
    u guys know doreamon?
    well, someday i wanna make a 'doreamon-kind-of' species which can take anything out of its pocket^^
    ahaha, its just a dream ayte? no harm in wanting this kind of dream Smile
    (though its impossible T_T)

    oh and, someday, i want to travel around the world, be always happy and get rich! Very Happy
    (cause baby, i wanna die smiling^^) LOL!

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    Re: What's your Dream?

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