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"The purpose of this forum is to bring people from all over the world together to see Alan progress and grow as an individual and as a singer."
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    ~[FAQs]~ Answers to questions brought up

    Alan JW N.

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    ~[FAQs]~ Answers to questions brought up

    Post  Alan JW N. on Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:33 pm

    Please leave any question about the forum here!~

    To start this topic off, I'll answer some questions you may have:

    What are DREAMERS?
    A: "Dreamers" is the official name for fans and supporters of Alan JW N. (aka cityincolors (online)), his music, and his dreams! The name was first suggested by Mei R. (Spanish forum admin.) and was approved by Alan as of 4/14/09. We hope to build a community of dreamers, one for another, to realize the phenomenon of making dreams become reality!

    What are Bubbles?
    A: Bubbles are similar to Soompi's 411 category. Each member can have their own Dream "Bubble" to share their own dreams and interests and converse with other Dreamers! In your own Bubble, there is NO LIMIT on the things you can do!

    Is there going to be a place for us to request future covers from you?
    A: That will be up once I finish my current requests (I would say I'm about 1/3 in those songs and a bit farther in some because I've started then dropped for new DBSK songs [they need to slow down XD]). But yes there will be one later because I do not want to fill up a second list now.

    How do I get my signature to show up?
    A: Well I've recently fixed some settings, and my signatures show up now. But somethings you can do:
    1) Make sure that in Profile>Preferences, you have "Always attach my signature" set to YES.
    2) If that doesn't work, you may have to do it manually each time you post a topic/reply by going down to OPTIONS and checking the window for "Attach signature". THAT should work as a last resort!


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